Serendipity Prayer Petals

Mar 11, 2022 | by Natalie Clendenin

Attendees of Serendipity Adult Day Services program create prayer sunflowers in recognition of Ukrainians.

Alaskans who attend the Serendipity Adult Day Services program thoughtfully created prayer-filled sunflowers (petals of prayer) during their arts and crafts time in recognition of Ukrainians caught in the ongoing conflict. The sunflower, or соняшник (pronounced soniashnik) as it is referred to in the Ukrainian language, is the national flower of Ukraine, and was a fitting choice. They wanted to find a way to share their heartfelt concerns and prayer request for the people of Ukraine. 

Serendipity offers services to those who have physical or intellectual challenges and may need daytime assistance.  For a few hours of the day, they are cared for and provided meals while they participate in arts and crafts projects and perform some physical exercises if able, too. They enjoy playing bingo and other memory games as well.  While they are within this warm inviting environment, they are receiving assistance from the attentive staff who are sharing God's love and compassion. 






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