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As Advisory Board members, we help Alaskans in need find the hope they deserve.

Our Members

The Alaska Division advisory board consists of a wide spectrum of hard-working men and women who share in the vision to transform and restore lives in the city of Anchorage.

Anna Woods
"Putting God's love into action, caring for other's needs, without judgment."
Michael James
Marian Estelle
"It is my privilege to serve because I sincerely support the mission of the organization."
Cynthia Berns
Member Since 2015
"I serve on the Advisory Board because I want to give back to those who are most in need & I believe in the vision & mission of The Salvation Army."
Connie Chambers
Member Since 1999
"The Salvation Army does the most good with every donation - whether money, goods or a volunteer?s time. It?s a privilege to serve this organization."
Steve Enders
Member Since 2018
"The Salvation Army provides me an opportunity to invest and support the community I live in by improving the quality of life one family at a time."
LaTasha Evans
Member Since 2018
"The Salvation Army is where thousands of Alaskans find refuge from a storm. I am proud to be part of an organization providing assistance and protect"
Sue Gaston
Women's Auxiliary President
Brett von Gemmingen
Member Since 2014
"The Salvation Army is a selfless organization focused solely upon serving the needs of the most vulnerable people in our community."
Kenneth Hanley
Member Since 2018
Lamarr Jensen
Member Since 2004
"The true secret to success in life lies in the heart felt service to others."
Janet Kincaid
Member Since 1998
"I believe that as you give to the least of these, my brothers, you do it unto me, symbolizes what the Salvation Army does. This why I support the army"
Lois Lester
Member Since 2011
"I serve because The Salvation Army does the most good for those in need in a nonjudgmental and compassionate way"
Loren Leman
Past Chair
"We have incredible needs in Alaska and The Salvation Army is one of the most effective organizations delivering services that really make a difference"
Tom Leonard
Member Since 2017
"I have personally been helped by the organization and have been given a gift that will take a lifetime to repay."
Linda MacCubbin
Member Since 2005
"The Salvation Army means a safe haven, a hand up, an opportunity for help. So serving on the Board is my way of feeding my soul and paying it forward."
Jay Page
2018 Life Member, c. 1998
"With The Salvation Army, more funds make it to the program level than any other non-profit I know.  They really are Doing The Most Good."
Tony Pfister
2015 Emeritus Member, c. 1988
Lewis Quinn
Member Since 2017
"I have served on the Advisory board for over 30 years because I believe as one you can do so little; but with all of us helping do so MUCH!"
Danicia Shiryayev
Member Since 2018
"I believe that The Salvation Army touches every family and I want to be a part of the positive impact."
Lindsey Whitt
Member Since 2017
"Serving those in need has changed the course of my family. My kids have learned compassion and our faith grows as we help others."
Fabian Wirnkar
Member Since 2018
Alaska Division
Doing The Most Good