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Donation Drives

Start a donation drive or donate to one near you!

The Salvation Army is happy to coordinate with local organizations, individuals and groups in starting a donation drive to support those in need in the community.

Types of drives include (but are not limited to):

Not interested in starting your own drive, but would like to donate towards an existing donation drive near you? View our list of current donation drives in Alaska below.

Current Donation drives

  • There are no current donation drives Call (907) 276-2515 to learn how to start a donation drive today!

Start Your Own Donation Drive

View the Donation Drive Toolkit here to learn more about how you can host your own donation drive.

Steps for holding a donation drive:

  1. Pick a type of donation drive and your (Start - End) dates
  2. Spread the word about your donation drive and start collecting donated goods or $
  3. Drop-off the items or call The Salvation Army to pick-up the donations! (If you're feeling motivated, take a photo of the donated items with your group and send to ak.communications@usw.salvationarmy.org to spread the word via social media about your awesome work!)

We would be happy to advertise your donation drive for The Salvation Army on our website and local social media channels! Learn more about how you can start a donation drive by contacting Alaska divisional volunteer coordinator, Jaclyn Ellis, at (907) 339-3427 or ak.development@usw.salvationarmy.org.