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Tea Provided by  The Spice and Tea Exchange


Want to dress a teddy bear? 

Volunteers are needed to dress bears according to the categories below. 
Call 907-276-2515 to make arrangements to pick up your bear at The Salvation Army at 143 E. 9th Avenue.    

Teddy Bear categories

A TEDDY BEAR’S YEAR: Teddy Bears dressed for the changing seasons, any special occasion or holiday during the year.

ARTIST BEARS: Homemade bears. Variety of fabrics and furs. May be dressed or not!!!

BEAR EXTRAVAGANZA: Teddy Bears sold as sets that are accompanied by large special accessories.

BEARS AT PLAY: Teddy Bears that are dressed to enjoy organized sports, outdoor fun, or for special hobbies and interests.

BEARS AT WORK: These Teddy Bears work in various careers and industries from the plumber to the admiral.

ECLECTIC: Teddy Bears dressed as one of a kind in any style of outfit from around the world.

FAMILIAR FACES: Teddy Bears dressed to resemble real people throughout history or imaginary characters from fairy tales, films or books.

THE YOUNGER GENERATION: Teddy Bears dressed from newborn through the preschool years.


Dressing the Teddy Bears

Thank you for taking a “bare” bear to dress for our annual Teddy Bear Tea. We know you will have lots of fun using your imagination to give your teddy bears their new identities. The bears are excited to leave with you, be dressed and returned for the judging in their new outfits.

Small items such as hats and accessories that a bear would hold can either be pinned or tailor tacked to the bear. This will make it easier to keep the pieces with the proper bear as we transport the bears. Please finish all edges and hems on the bears clothing.

Commercially made outfits are acceptable, but not our first choice for the bears. Please consider “customizing” the outfit if it is commercially made. You can change buttons or add trims and laces to give the outfit a totally new look. Use the commercially made outfit as a base for an outfit that is one of a kind.

Outfits do not have to be elaborate! A fancy hat and a lace collar turns a plain bear into a tea party attendee, and a cowboy hat and a vest makes a bear worthy of a rodeo.

Most of all we are looking for imagination and quality